I currently reside in Franklin, MA and shoot mostly digital. The theme of my recent work is “all things abandoned”, including subjects such as abandoned mills, factories, and junkyards.

My work is now available to purchase on 1stdibs and Artsy!

Exploring abandoned spaces is exciting and interesting, as I never know what will be around the corner! I see plenty of majesty and drama and beauty, but often needless waste and neglect as well. These places are filled with items that have been left behind and forgotten -- an abandoned china factory filled with china still in its shipping crate, or a silk mill filled with machines sitting idle waiting for one more run. I see life “find a way”, creeping thru cracks in concrete or pushing through gaps between floorboards. Nature is powerful and will “invade” even the darkest corner of an abandoned space.

My work is a balance of color and black & white images, and I tend to avoid all forms of digital manipulation. My process mirrors what you would see in a traditional dark room. When on location, I do not stage photographs or otherwise disrupt or change a location in any way. I leave no trace. I try to bring order to the chaos of these places by thoughtfully constructing my images for a dramatic, clean, and direct feel.

I am a core artist member of the Fountain Street Gallery. I am a member of the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, Griffin Museum, Attleboro Arts Museum and the Cambridge Art Association. I graduated the Digital Photography Certificate Program at the Rhode Island School of Design in the Spring of 2010.

When not out photographing I spend my time with my husband John and two children; John, 15 years old and Lillian, 12 years old.

To view the complete set of images of each of the abandoned locations I have documented please click here.

***Please do not contact me for locations. Many of these locations were accessed with permission. Some required signing a non disclosure. The majority of abandoned buildings have dangerous conditions whether it be rotten floors or asbestos (requiring a respirator). I always let someone know where I am going and never go alone.***